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The following page is intended for use by those responsible for the life group's outreach ministry in the community.  This information is sent to the life group administration team.


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Coach Name
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Project Summary (What are you doing about it?) *
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How many were served by your group?
How many people made a decision to follow Christ?
Do you have any of the following items that can be shared?

Being Missional means more than a buzz word to us.  For us, it means serving the community we are in by showing and sharing the love of Christ.


On this page you can find tools to help you jump start your group's passion for the Work of God.


What should we do?

  • Plan to invite to your group
  • Plan to prayer walk
  • Plan to serve your community
  • Plan to serve your missionary


How should we do it?

Instructions on each of the opportunities to share in the Work of God are listed in each of the below resources but be sure to contact your coach for assistance.


Suggested Tools for Growth

Life Group Ways to Serve
Step by step ideas in which your Life Group can serve together.


Outreach Project Planner
This will help you plan an outreach step by step.  Be sure to communicate with you coach if you need help.


Pocket Testament League
Loads of resources on this site that will help your Life Group learn and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
 - Be Fearless when sharing your faith
 - Join the Evangelism Boot Camp
 - Order Gospels to share


Romans Road (Dr. Tony Evans)
"Romans Road: How to make sure you're on your way to heaven" - Free downloadable resource that you can printout, use and give away during prayer walks, outreaches and other community events.

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